Sample - Women.s Long Sleeve - Technical hemp - Medium

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Never used and up to date design. no reason to have it on our sales section ... but what the heck

Jersey is a medium women's

A. 53.5 cm
B. 50 cm
C. 39 cm
D. 73.5 cm
E. 12 cm
F. 9 cm
G. 63 cm (before collar)
H. 17 cm (before collar)

Designed around Comfort, function and aerodynamics.
e use fabrics with a solid feel and fit.

Pillar Heights Long sleeve road cycling hemp eco friendly cycling jersey photographed in Gastown Vancouver and made in Canada

Collar or no collar you choose.

Canadian made road cycling made to measure road cycling kit made by Pillar Heights.  Fabric made in France

Choose to add or omit the mesh reflective logo arm patch.

Mens and womens road cycling jerseys and kits ethically made with sustainable fabrics.  Custom made to measure sleeve length and reflective arm patch or bare sleeve

Choose between matching back pocket fabric and colour with out hidden reflective logos,
or black mesh fabric with hidden reflective logos.

hidden reflective logos on our Canadian made road cycling apparel. made in Canada with premium fabrics  Polyamide and technical hemp and organic cotton fabrics sports apparel. eco

The only logos on the jersey are hidden
but flare up when hit with direct light, like those from car headlights.

Pillar heights Canadian made new cycling apparel clothing garments. Back reflective logo, no logo cycling apparel.

Higher storage capacity.

massive higher capacity cycling back pockets and easy reach access pockets. Custom made road cycling bicycle apparel kits.  Pillar Heights eco ethical  bicycle gear

Safe and quick side pockets.
Also great for anyone with a broken collar bone.

Note we can adjust the back pockets for easier access as part of our made-to-measure program as well.

cycling jersey side dual pockets for fuel tools mp3 players. Safe and quick access

Hemp Fabric

Technical hemp organic cotton spandex road cycling long sleeve jersey made in Canada. ethical and certified

Technical hemp keep your body temperature regulated,
whether you're climbing up or descending a mountain,
in the sun or light rain. It's our softest and most breathable jersey with all natural properties that never wash away.UV protective, anti-microbial and sustainable. Ideal for temperatures between 10-30°C / 50-85°F.

53% Hemp, 44% Organic Cotton, 3% Spandex.

- There's also a back locker hook loop for quick and easy storage and bathroom breaks.

- Size small jersey weight approximately 160 grams

- Proudly made in Canada


Ever rode an epic climb uphill? The hard, grinding effort which raised your body's temperature on the way up leaves you a soaked, sweaty and cold mess on the way back down the mountain. Heck, you can experience this just riding flat lands in the early spring! No one likes it, and when you're pushing your limits day in and out that added chill to your core brings you one step closer to catching a nasty cold or flu. Finally, a jersey that feels better and works. When I'm headed out for a day in the mountains, the only jersey to wear is the technical hemp. It keeps you noticeably warmer when it’s cold yet, cool and breathable when it’s warm out. While this might seem impossible, we have put the technical hemp jersey through rigorous testing over hours and days of rides and it works well every time. The best part-it’s super comfortable. If I could only own one cycling jersey, this jersey would be it. – Spencer

Sizing chart

Made-to-meausre made to measure sport apparel base-layers, running cycling aerodynamics and perfect bespoke custom fit made in Canada

road cycling bicycle apparel sizing chart made in Canada. standard sizing
Technical hemp grey road cycling jesey with pro sleeve and no collar made in Canada. all measurements made to measure custom made

Care instructions and warranty

If you really want your clothing to last wash them but never cook them. That means low temperatures and hang to dry.

made to measure custom made road bicycle cycling apparel program Canadian made perfect fit