Dedicated to slow fashion: Canadian made, sustainable and custom work

When the pandemic arrived, we were stunned with the rest of the world and forced to adjust our "normal." As masks, hand sanitizer and other essentials rapidly flew off the shelves and sold out, we saw a need. We had a garment studio at our fingertips, and sewing machines suddenly sitting idle... A crime in times where we knew we had the ability to shift our focus and use our equipment to fulfill a vital need for our community. We didn't see it as a choice. Instead, we knew we had to act. We answered the calling - and hit the ground running.

But not without some very necessary homework first. We would like to thank the experts at smartairfilter.com for their accessible scientific testing and data on what system - be it DIY or medical-grade materials - perform optimally to block viruses, bacteria, and VOC's in the pursuit of clean air. 

We are also grateful to Professor Racaniello and Columbia University for making their lectures on virology public to provide a new level of understanding and importance on what we can strive for to take control wherever possible during these uncertain times to protect ourselves and those around us.
Virology lecture course videos




Wash this mask like you'd wash your hands or machine wash on a lower temperature setting without the elastics to make everything last longer. If you iron both the elastic and the mask place a thin woven cotton fabric similar to a dress shirt between the iron and the elastic and mask. 


Need repairs? We stand behind the integrity of what we make. We will work with you to either repair your item free of charge at either of our Canadian studios (currently Vancouver, BC & Edmonton, AB), or come up with another solution for you. More about your Friendly Policy here.