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Kids Masks

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Kids - Face Mask

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* Note, due to shortage of elastic, we are providing 2 elastic straps that you will adjust as ear loops and tie to the safest length for the child.

* Due to the nature of this product, no refunds or exchanges will occure. Please check our Friendship Policy in our about section for more information.



We created these face masks for the people who understand that it is imperative to protect not only their own respiratory and immune systems health by taking necessary precautions, but also those of our community including our family, friends, and neighbours.  

We live and breathe sustainability to achieve a brighter future for one and all. Naturally, this ethos wove itself into our reusable face mask designs, which go further than eliminating disposable single-use masks by also utilizing natural fibers to create a masterpiece. We think the result is a complement to your life with the protection, comfort, versatility, performance, and style it offers you.


1. Close fit allows for secure protection, ensuring air flow through the mask and not through open gaps. 
2. Adjustable and removable strap design allowed for custom positions and tension. Use the full head wrap around design or cut the straps and make ear loops.
3. Close contact copper nose wire closure reduces or eliminates air flow around the nose and eyes.
4. Natural soft fibrous fabrics that are antimicrobial, thermoregulating, and help create a safer more comfortable experience.
5. Curved construction away from the nose and mouth increases breathing room and comfort.
6. Double layered, first with woven fabrics then an interior soft jersey improves filtration.
7. Healthier fabrics included like OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, the highest safety rating. 
8. Proudly made in Canada. 

Although we cannot say our face masks are medical grade, we conducted extensive research based off all the information available to the public about how to properly make face masks that perform. It was that research which is the basis for our face mask designs specifically made with protection in mind for all non-medical activities

We're happy to provide the information below that shares our designs, research, and testing process below. We are currently looking into third-party testing. But testing takes time, and in the precarious situation we all currently find ourselves living in, we knew it was important to make this product available as soon as possible. We dare you to find anyone offering a face mask ordering experience that comes even close with the option to customize the design for your face at an accessible price point. It is our hope that this information gives you confidence in what we have created. 




- Includes all features
- Has removable copper nose piece
- Has opening for filter
- Dual layer natural fabrics on both layers
- Industrial standard construction made in Canada

17.70 CAD

12.87 USD 



Best for glasses

- Includes all features
- Has removable copper nose piece
- Has opening for filter
- Dual layer natural fabrics on both layers
- Industrial standard construction made in Canada

17.70 CAD

12.17 USD 



- Includes all features
- Has removable copper nose piece
- Has opening for filter
- Dual layer sustainable fabrics on both layers
- Industrial natural construction made in Canada

18.4 CAD 
13.36 USD 



Wash this mask like you would wash your hands with warm water and soap for over 30 seconds or machine wash in a mesh delicates bag on a lower temperature setting without the elastics to make everything last longer. If you iron both the elastic and the mask place a thin woven cotton fabric similar to a dress shirt between the iron and the elastic and mask work best. 


Need repairs? We stand behind the integrity of what we make. We will work with you to either repair your items free of charge at our Canadian studio in Vancouver, BC, or come up with another solution for you. More about your Friendly Policy here.

Pillar heights designs for fit and filtration


When the pandemic arrived, we were stunned with the rest of the world and forced to adjust our "normal." As masks, hand sanitizer and other essentials rapidly flew off the shelves and sold out, we saw a need. We had a garment studio at our fingertips, and sewing machines suddenly sitting idle... A crime in times where we knew we had the ability to shift our focus and use our equipment to fulfill a vital need for our community. We didn't see it as a choice. Instead, we knew we had to act. We answered the calling - and hit the ground running.

But not without some very necessary homework first. We would like to thank the experts at smartairfilter.com for their accessible scientific testing and data on what system - be it DIY or medical-grade materials - perform optimally to block viruses, bacteria, and VOC's in the pursuit of clean air. 

We are also grateful to Professor Racaniello and Columbia University for making their lectures on virology public to provide a new level of understanding and importance on what we can strive for to take control wherever possible during these uncertain times to protect ourselves and those around us.
Virology lecture course videos