Dedicated to slow fashion: Canadian made, sustainable and custom work

We're here to help you create 
a jersey tailored to your specifications. 
Customize everything from

  • Body length and width (upper, lower, back and front) 
  • Fit/compression
  • Fabric and colour utilization 
  • Back pocket access points
  • Sleeve length 
  • Collar options
  • Zipper length or no zipper at all
  • Back pocket sizes
  • Sleeve width
    & more


 Custom jerseys ship out one week after your order comes in. 

We have a handful of very satisfied customers from all over the world and are eager to build you a one of a kind jersey. Simple visit the shop page and select one of the made-to-measure jersey's in the four fabric you desire.  Once the item is purchased we will send you an email to fill out with your measurements and request. All you need is a measuring tape or ruler and having one of your favorite jerseys on hand could help. 

We love chatting it up with fellow cyclist and do this out of passion, so please email us and we can help you over the phone or email to make sure we build you something that's absolutely perfect for what you need on the bike.