The future of apparel

My name is Andrew Gonzalez and I believe that clothing is shelter doing what our skin cannot. Designing cycling jerseys with materials that keep you comfortable in a wider variety of conditions and adding functional designs that let you push a little harder and smile a little longer on the journey. 

The future today for Pillar Heights means delivering

a reasonably priced,
custom fit jersey,
made by highly talented & paid craftsman,
with sustainable and premium fibers

with functional designs complementing your ride.

Made In Canada

We work with one seamstress and her home based studio on her terms (she calls the shots for hourly wage and hours worked). With her 50+ years of experience and her assortment of tools for the trade including a cover stitch machine, we are able to combine our talents creating products that unavailable from anywhere else. 

Approximately $35 USD from ever jersey sold goes towards our seamstress. 

fibers that complement your body 

Before Pillar Height I used to own a clothing store called Lucid Lifestyle that sold sustainable fashion goods for 8 years. I gained the shared experiences of my clients on which fabrics performed and provided what the people were looking for in clothing. 

Hemp became one of the fibers that stood out after all those years. Amazing in the sunny heat, UV protective and durable just to name a few of the properties. I knew just who to contact. A company in China who was well spoken about and already sold quality finished good in my shop with all the right certifications we were looking for.  

The functional hemp, organic cotton and spandex jersey has been our go to jersey to complement the widest range of conditions on the road. We're glad to let you know this fabric was made as responsibly as possible.

France for enhanced synthetics

Some have said we are ahead of our time with the hemp fabrics. But we're also ahead of our time using the highest quality synthetics polyamides made in France. Price is no barrier for us when seeking the right fabrics while other brands are looking at cutting cost for higher profits and margins they seek generic low quality polyester and nylons. No other cycling brand would use $40/meter fibers but we do and absorb the cost saving you money.

I mean it when I say I'm here to deliver a reasonable priced high quality jersey.    

Check out our French toile woven and light weight jerseys for more details. 

Thank you for slowing down. 

It's a fast world out there, content keeps coming at us faster than it has ever before and unfortunately so do products. Products that are made by raw resources that have an impact mostly made by oil based synthetics with impacts before, during and after their use with us. Made by people in factories or home studio who don't always work in the best conditions. 

We're here to help, not just you but some of the issues above. 

Andrew Gonzalez :)