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NEW FOR 2019

Offer clients our 

made-to-measure program
We'll provide you with a full size range of short and long sleeve jerseys with technical hemp and our French toile materials. We also offer one of the lightest cycling fabrics and merino wool as well to cover all temperatures above freezing.  If your customers don't find their perfect fit, offer them our 7 touch point tailoring program for a jersey personally built to their specifications. 

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Can't visit us in person?
We'll send you a jersey of your choosing to test with fabric swatches to help you decide. Just put down a $80 CAD deposit. We'll even handle the return shipping. Love what you see and keep the jersey and look forward to your order being made and shipped the following week. 

We'll even ship directly to your customer with 
your return address if their size isn't in your shop. 
Never lose a sale again due to low stock.

Have a company badge or patch? We can place those on the jerseys so you stay true to promoting what you have built, your business.  

Public catalogue to follow with 
password protected order form. 
Please email us at 

We are now removing the arm patches for a cleaner look.

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