Form and function 

Made-to-measure and standard sizing
cycling jerseys handcrafted in Canada 
using functional hemp and other premium fabrics

Made-to-measure jerseys now available 

We'll build and adjust your

  • Body length
  • Sleeve length
  • Pocket access points
  • Body width
  • Collar option
  • Zipper options
  • Fabric colour 
    And more

One design, four fabrics

Light weight

  • 94 grams for a men's small
  • Fabric made in France of the highest craftsmanship
  • Hidden reflective logos
  • Jersey made in Canada
  • Big storage pockets and side pokers
  • Full zipper
  • One of the lightest jerseys with out the overly "see-through look"

Technical hemp

  • The best body regulating properties our clients have experienced 
  • Naturally UV protective and antibacterial
  • Hemp can withstand most crashes
  • Our most comfortable and versatile fabric
  • 182 grams for a men's pro sleeve small
  • The fabric is sustainably & ethically made in China 

French Toile weave

  • A solid and snug fit to cut through the wind and protect you from the elements 
  • Fabric made in France of the highest craftsmanship
  • 118 grams for a men's size small

Fine merino wool

  • Cooler climates call for wools heating properties.
  • 143 grams for a men's small long sleeve no zipper
  • Fine fabric for comfort, lightness & performance

Free shipping

in North America & 15$ world wide

Technical hemp collection

French toile weave fabric

New merino wool & light weight



  • Spencer from Edmonton, AB, Canada

    Ever rode an epic climb uphill?  The hard, grinding effort which raised your body's temperature on the way up leaves you a soaked, sweaty and cold mess on the way back down the mountain. Heck, you can experience this just riding flat lands in the early spring! No one likes it, and when you're pushing your limits day in and out that added chill to your core brings you one step closer to catching a nasty cold or flu. Finally, a jersey that feels better and works. When I'm headed out for a day in the mountains, the only jersey to wear is the technical hemp. It keeps you noticeably warmer when it’s cold yet, cool and breathable when it’s warm out. While this might seem impossible, we have put the technical hemp jersey through rigorous testing over hours and days of rides and it works well every time. The best part-it’s super comfortable. If I could only own one cycling jersey, this jersey would be it. – Spencer

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